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Awareness Creation and Sensitization on Dangers of Irrigular Migration at Tali in the Tolon District.

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Sung Foundation on the 15th of November organized an awareness creation on the dangers of irregular migration for pupils of Tali basic and junior high school.

Pupils were made to understand that it’s better to live with their parents than to travel to other places for greener pastures that are not assured of.they were also Made to understand that many a times children who try to travel especially through illegal means ended up as street children, labourers,drug addicts and at worse death.

This Activity is part of the organisation’s effort to tackle the issues of child trafficking and irregular migration in the region.

The organisation looks forward to extend this activity to other communities and districts in the region.

sufodAwareness Creation and Sensitization on Dangers of Irrigular Migration at Tali in the Tolon District.
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Climate March 25th October, 2019.

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Sung Foundation in partnership with Youth Action in Environmental Movement on the 25th of October 2019, held a climate march to create awareness and also advocate against the negative impact of climate change in the northern region.

The march brought together pupils from some basic and senior high schools in the metropolis to participate in the march.Petitions were read and submitted at the Gukpegu-Naa palace and to the Regional Minister.The petitions were to get both traditional and Administrative leadership in the region to act to help halt the negative impact of climate change in the region.

Excepts from the climate March are below

sufodClimate March 25th October, 2019.
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SUFOD Monitors VSLA Groups in Kumbungu

The monitoring of Sung Foundation VSLA groups in the Kumbungu District in the northern part of Ghana was undertaken to ensure that groups in that particular locality are effectively managed.

Records are well kept to address any outstanding issue confronting the groups and in addition the records serve as evidence for future references.

Nine (9) VSLA groups were formed in Kumbungu and represented the

AdminSUFOD Monitors VSLA Groups in Kumbungu
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Village Agents training at Yendi

Pictures of during and after Village Agents training at Yendi.

Sung Foundation started the new year with a Village Agents training at Yendi.
We had to sacrifice our holidays just to ensure that our brothers and sisters in the rural areas receive the knowledge they need to Manage their savings groups to ensure sustainability of the project.
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# Village Agent Training
# Yendi
Thank God for a successful training workshop.


AdminVillage Agents training at Yendi
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Women and Girls Led Groups

Sung Foundation has help so many deprived communities by introducing Village Savings and Loans Concept in the communities. some of these women are widows, farmers shea butter extractors and petty traders.
Sung Foundation been women and girls led organization also give support to Orphans children, people living with disability and needy children. Sung Foundation has also form youth clubs at their catchment area who are into drama and poems recital to eradicate child marriage and force marriages.

AdminWomen and Girls Led Groups
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The Village Agent training was organized to build the capacities of 150 village agents from ADVANCE communities in the northern region. This is to equip village agents with the requisite skills and as well certify them to manage village savings groups in their communities and nearby communities when the project comes to an end.

Training of village Agents was grouped in to categories where districts closer to each other are brought together and a common training organized. Some of the topics to be treated during the training includes; how to conduct share-out, how to conduct loan meeting among others.

This training was done as part of sung foundation contract with ADVANCE ACDI/VOCA project activities. The Village Agents were taken through various activities to ensure that their groups are well sustained after the project comes to an end. The training of VAs was put into two categories, both categories of training lasted for three days.

The first categories which was held at catholic youth center from the 20th to the 22nd of December 2017,consisted of the following districts;West Mamprusi, Savelugu, Tamale Metro, Sagnarigu, Gushegu, Tolon. 

At the end of the training for the first category,a total number of  26 village agents were trained and awarded with certificates to signify their participation as well as qualifications as approved Village Agents.

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